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January 31, 2019 -- News crew from The Weather Channel visited Hercules' Haven during one of our Polar Vortex Barn Checks.

Hercules’ Haven is growing . . . and moving.

We reached capacity of the Lilly Street property within six months of founding the non-profit organization. The Haven’s Board thanks everyone in the greater Cedar Rapids area for your incredible support. Now, we need your connections, eyes and ears. We are looking for an agricultural property – 10 or more acres near CR/Marion, barns for animals, home for family and Haven events, fields for frolicking and parking for guests. If in Linn County, the property needs to be on a hard-surfaced road.

If you have leads, message the Haven, or contact Danny (743.5990) & Alison (743.8446) Stone. We are working Alicia Porter from Re/Max.

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December 13

Regularly practicing gratitude can bring more happiness to your life. What is one thing that you are feeling thankful for today? At the Haven, we are thankful for all of the kindness our supporters show our rescues!


December 8th — Bea is home!

She is home! She is home! Miss Bea is a bit pooped from all her adventures the last few days, but she is resting well. Her new meds have been started, she ate a healthy supper and took her usual spot by the fire. Thanks to Dr. Shaw and the team at UW for keeping her safe! ❤️🐷 (surgery did not happen, see our post from last night😳)


December 3 — Goodbye Tux

We had to say goodbye to Tux, the Haven’s well-dressed welcome cat. Haven friend, Dan Herrick, found the lean, but strong stray cat last Spring. Tux immediately became a fixture at the farm. He welcomed guests, helped with chores and loved to sneak in the house to relax by the fire. In the summer, he claimed the spot of honor and slept on the front porch. He took the heated igloo in the garage/food prep building for the cold months. He knew that volunteers were helpless to his charming pleas for more cat food.

On Saturday, Tux supervised the team processing the Hy-Vee produce, took a nap on Issy’s bed, and he spent the afternoon with Emma and Noah as they cleaned the barn. Within an hour of saying goodbye to his friends, Tux suffered a blood clot that cut off circulation to his legs. A “Saddle Thrombosis” is very painful, and the Stone Family rushed Tux to the Anamosa Vet. The blood clot and underlying heart disease were too serious for treatment. The Haven turned out to be Tux’s home for his final eight months – we were his hospice family. Tux will be remembered every time we welcome friends to the Haven. He taught us well.


November 24 — Broken

The Haven had a devastating day. We lost our namesake, Hercules. Alison and Danny feel broken. He came to us as a one-day old distressed piglet who had been pushed out by his mother. Alison nursed him through two medical emergencies in his first 8 months. He grew strong and feisty, but rarely welcomed guests because he was too territorial. In the last months, he grew to share his life with Bea. She helped to smooth rough edges. Hercules loved her companionship and nightly tired to share the spot by the fire.

While enjoying the warm afternoon with Haven volunteers and his family, Hercules suffered an unknown seizure like event and died. Alison held him as he took his last breath. We covered him in a blanket and Bea laid down next to Hercules to say goodbye.

Examinations and necropsy by our vet this afternoon were inconclusive, he had no internal or external signs that would lead us or our vet to a definitive reason for his death. Iowa State is running tests on samples. We want to ensure the health of our other pigs, but the local vet feels they are not in danger.

Herc’s passing is extremely difficult for the Haven staff and volunteers. Saving Hercules was our inspiration to start Hercules’ Haven. Danny, Alison and Issy will need time to grieve. Please be patient in our absence from social media.

Hercules -- Hercules' Haven Namesake
October 20, 2016 - November 24, 2018


Winter Container Fundraiser For Hercules Haven

Love Blooms Year Round..please join us for a good cause at Aaron & Kristin Schultz farm.

Feel the warm fuzzies as you create your winter container to take home knowing that a portion of the fee will be donated to Hercules Haven.

This event will be held indoors and RSVP with pre payment is required.

Fresh and faux material along with all kinds of accessories will be provided. The container is high quality & made to last outside all year!

To purchase your ticket please HERE. Reserve your spot today.