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2018-10-20 -- Kristi Burns (248).jpg
2018-10-20 -- Kristi Burns (248).jpg

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Bea was nabbed by Cedar Rapids Animal Control. They knew that instead of incarceration, Beatrice needed tender care at the Haven. She was nearly blind from “morbid obesity,” had skin infections, was in dire need of a balanced diet, and craved wide open spaces. Bea bonded with Hercules, while working to get in shape. Veterinarians from Anamosa and the University of Wisconsin were unable to spay her. Now, she is on hormone therapy and anti-inflammatories for stress caused by her weight. Bea eats a special feed that will help her lose the pounds. Miss Beat hopes to be on the farm version of the Biggest Loser — she thinks that Bob Harper is darn cute.

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