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December 7, 2018

Bea and Hercules update from Alison.

November 25, 2018

Fireside Evening Update -- Losing Hercules

Hercules’ Haven Story

Inspired by a desire to care for farm animals and people, Alison and Daniel Stone began searching for a suitable property in 2014. They purchased 4.3 acres just 4 miles east of downtown Cedar Rapids in November of 2015. After 20 months of clearing pastures, building stalls, filing paperwork, planning and dreaming, Hercules' Haven opened in August of 2017. The Haven hosts monthly Open Barn Days that allow the community to interact with the animals. Within three months of opening, the Haven reached animal capacity, and we began the search for a larger property.

In 2019, our dedicated team of animal care workers and therapists is expanding programming to offer animal assisted therapy to area social service organizations. Imagine a NEW farm and NEW programs!

Jasper — In Memoriam

We celebrate Alison’s first rescue — Jasper.

Remembering our Hercules -- Hercules' Haven namesake and inspiration

November 24 -- We Lost our Hero The Haven had a devastating day. We lost our namesake, Hercules. Alison and Danny feel broken. He came to us as a one-day old distressed piglet who had been pushed out by his mother. Alison nursed him through two medical emergencies in his first 8 months. He grew strong and feisty, but rarely welcomed guests because he was too territorial. In the last months, he grew to share his life with Bea. She helped to smooth rough edges. Hercules loved her companionship and nightly tired to share the spot by the fire.

While enjoying the warm afternoon with Haven volunteers and his family, Hercules suffered an unknown seizure like event and died. Alison held him as he took his last breath. We covered him in a blanket and Bea laid down next to Hercules to say goodbye.

Examinations and necropsy by our vet and samples sent to Iowa State University found that Hercules' died of an electrical heart defect. We gave him two fulfilling years and there was no way to know that his heart was compromised.

Herc’s passing was extremely difficult for the Haven staff and volunteers. Saving Hercules was our inspiration to start Hercules’ Haven.

Hercules -- Hercules' Haven Namesake October 20, 2016 - November 24, 2018

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