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What you need to know when visiting the Haven

Hercules' Haven is open for visitors during monthly Open Barn Days and scheduled events.

The Haven is on the back side of a neighborhood 1/2 mile west of the Lighthouse Restaurant on Mt. Vernon Road. Turn south on Vernon Hill Blvd. and follow Vernon Hill and Abbott Ave. until you find the Haven. We are on Google Maps!

Please, check in with your Haven host at the Welcome Center.

Dress for success, and by success we mean poop and huge feet. Poop is everywhere, so don’t wear your Sunday best. When escorted into animal enclosures and the barn, wear closed toe shoes. If attending a “creek stomping,” wear water shoes.

Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Guardians must be within “arms reach” children under 12.

The Haven is a smoke free facility.

Wash your hands frequently and especially after touching an animal. Again, poop is everywhere.

Please, keep pets at home for Open Barn Days and Festivals. They can add extra chaos to already busy days.

Approach animals with caution. Slowly approach enclosures. When having a guided experience with horses or goats, always approach from the front. Never approach an animal from the rear. Never chase an animal – they don’t like that.

Haven host will escort guests in enclosure. Never enter an enclosure without a host.

All our animal residents prefer quiet voices. No one likes to be startled.

Unless part of a guided activity, do not feed the animals. Do not approach animals if you possess beverages, food, gum or candy. Do not bring food into the horse pasture, barn or goat enclosure.

2019 Open Barn Day Schedule—TBA

If you miss Open Barn Days, call Alison at 319.743.8446 to schedule a family visit. $100 donation for up to 10 people. Fall, Winter and early Spring may have beautiful days. We’d love to welcome your small group.